Marriage Memes For The Mostly-Happily Committed

Marriage. Marriage is what brings us together. Or what tears us apart, depending on who you’re asking. As a millennial whose number of married friends keeps increasing, it’s hard not to think about the greatest commitment of all time (besides a life sentence). It’s true that the marriage rate is declining in the United States, but maybe that’s because people are actually making the choice to spend their lives with another person pretty damn seriously. That uptick of married friends? Well, none of mine have gotten divorced – yet. Maybe they’re the start of a new generation of happily wedded individuals. Happy or not, these memes will be pretty damn relatable to anyone who has a ball and chain. Sure, marriage can be an absolute joy, but as with any relationship there are highs & lows – and tons of reasons to complain. And you know what? Sometimes complaining is fun. Just don’t tell my mom I said that. 

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