Meme About Coded Work Language Provokes Relatable Office Job Discourse

You’ve heard the job description buzzwords before. Join our ‘fast-paced’ and ‘high-energy’ work environment! Must be a ‘self-starter!’ Team player! Detail-oriented! Flexible! But what do these coded phrases really mean? When they say you’ll be working in a ‘fast-paced, unpredictable work environment,’ do they mean the fun, thrilling kind of unpredictability akin to going on a first date? Or do they mean you will be micromanaged without warning? We’re talking about full-time, living wage office work here—it’s definitely going to be the latter. @_RobertSchultz hit the nail on the head with a Twitter meme that pretty much sums up the eye roll-inducing quality of common job description buzzwords we’re subjected to far too often. The meme resonated with thousands of other disgruntled workers with opinions of their own. Keep scrolling for some spicy and relatable banter from the thread.

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