Niche & Spicy Star Trek Memes For Fans of the Federation

It’s been a good few years for fans of Star Trek who have been craving more content. While we didn’t love Picard, and we do have some complaints about the plot and writing of Star Trek: Discovery, we are looking forward to seeing Anson Mount reprise his role as Christopher Pike in Strange New Worlds, and for Vampire Diaries‘ Paul Wesley to join the show as Captain James Kirk in its second season. While we’ll have to wait until the second season for our reintroduction to Captain Kirk, the first season is premiering on May 5th, which will be here before we know it. To help tide us over until that special day, we’ve put together a batch of spicy, dank and mostly-stupid Star Trek memes that pay homage to Star Trek’s earlier series. They should tickle the fancy of any level of fan. As they say in Vulcan – or Ni’Var, «Live long and prosper.»

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