No Posers Allowed: The Coolest Memes That Only the Most BAMF of the MFing Coolest Will Understand

You think you’re cool? Wait ‘til you see what these bada$s memes have to offer. Hell yeah they’re cooler than your stepdad—and I’ll say that to his face! Only the baddest boys of the internet will understand these memes. If you don’t get it you’re obviously a poser. You think I’m scared of you? I BLEED memes. You don’t believe me? Ask your mom, she knows all about being on her memes when I’m around. And if you don’t get that pun, I feel sorry for you son. Now go grab me a fresh diet Mountain Dew and hand me your board—I definitely can still shred better than you even with this hot AF dad bod

(Memebase apologizes for anybody we may have offended with these mind-blowingly cool memes. We didn’t mean to make all you nerds cry.)

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