Obnoxious Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Interview Inspires Roasty Response

We can wax lyrical about it all we like, but being in love is hopelessly cringe. People are never more embarrassing than when they’re in the throes of passion, and if they live life in the limelight it can make matters infinitely worse. Mixing the celebrity detachment from reality with the media machine is a recipe for a beautiful disaster, but it takes a special kind of love to really take it to the next level. 

Case in point is the unlikely couple of the moment, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox. The pair have been raising eyebrows since they got together last year, but the true derangement of their relationship has become more apparent with an interview published in GQ on Monday. Explaining how they first became close, the piece contains highlights such as the pick up lines they used on one another (Megan telling MGK he smelled like weed and getting the response «I am weed») and a description of their first kiss (where they «breathed each other’s breath» instead of, you know, touching lips). 

Confirming that they are the adult version of that couple that everybody kept their distance from in middle school, the social media response has been predictably hysterical. Aside from the widespread amazement that two people in their thirties would admit such details in public, the marijuana-themed start to their romance has been getting a significant amount of the meme treatment. Although their public horniness is breath-taking in its annoyingness, it also serves as a welcome reminder that at least most of us aren’t that bad when we’re into someone.

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