Parents Debate «No Gift» Birthday Parties For Toddlers

I’m curious about the rise of «no gift» birthday parties for children. I’m sure they existed when I was a kid, but I don’t think my family ever had them. I remember opening presents in front of all the other kids after eating cake, thanking them in person for the things their parents bought me. I feel like for most of the birthday parties I went to as a kid, the birthday child got presents, but they didn’t open them in front of everyone. That was disappointing to me because I wanted to see their reactions to what I got them, which was usually incredibly strategically picked out by me. 

I understand how opening presents in front of other kids can become a slippery slope to kids crying because it’s not their birthday. However, nixing gifts altogether is a much more radical method of preventing birthday-related inequalities. Parents debated this issue on Twitter, and they brought up some very interesting points. 

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