People Are Bewildered by TikToker’s Excessive Smart Home Gadgets

While I’m still sweeping my kitchen floor with a basic, dollar-store broom, some gadget-obsessed people out there are living in futuristic ‘smart homes’ where devices have their own devices. TikTok account @shopping666 advertises a vast array of absurdly specific household gadgets through a series of videos in which people demonstrate the usefulness of the products while roleplaying as busy parents. Sure it’s possible that the people in these videos are real families, but I refuse to believe that anyone is getting up at 5am to clean their entire house with a million different products before their kids wake up. I’m not the only one perplexed by @shopping666’s cursed food prep and cleaning videos. TikTokers have been sounding off in the comments to express their confusion. ‘How something can look so cheap yet so expensive’ one TikToker wondered in a reply. Keep scrolling to see the electronic home for yourself. I wouldn’t want to be living in a place like this during a power outage!

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