People Contemplate How Wind Works in Comically Innocuous Thread

Wind. How does it work? It’s the sort of question that makes you scoff at first—’of course I know what wind is!’ But then after a few moments of trying to formulate the definition in your mind, you start to second guess yourself. ‘It definitely has something to do with the sun. And pressure. It’s air, but like, moving.’ When I saw @zachsilberberg’s tweet admitting he doesn’t totally understand what wind is, I had to take a moment to channel my inner second grader and remember all those cartoony visualizations of moving air. Of course, many brainiacs in the replies had perfectly reasonable answers that made me feel ashamed of my own incapacity to remember basic grade school-level knowledge about the planet. Others chose sarcasm because dumb questions deserve dumb answers, like ‘sky fart’ and ‘air, but make it fast.’ If you’re really, really bored, you might just enjoy this incredibly dumb thread that’s literally just about air.

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