People Explain All the Relatable Things They Can’t Tolerate As They Get Older

There are many gifts that aging brings, and they aren’t just limited to gray hair and wrinkles. Getting older allows us to have a lot more wisdom about the world, at least in comparison to when we were 18. What naturally follows from this is that we start to get a lot pickier about certain things. Part of maturing is being just enough of a hater to know what’s good for you, without accidentally cutting off anything that is worthwhile. That seems to be the takeaway of one Twitter thread, that asked everybody what things that they are less willing to tolerate as they get older. Some of these answers are common sense, and others are more a personal choice. Either way, it goes to show that having life experience is important if you want to make decisions you won’t regret (not that most of us don’t make mistakes anyway). 

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