People Share Tragic Tales of Their Worst Job Interviews

There’s no way around it: job interviews are usually challenging experiences that can lead to great embarrassment, total humiliation, excessive perspiration, and a whole lot of anxiety. When I interview for a job I sweat like it’s 100 degrees out and I’ve just run a marathon. I look like George Costanza after a few bites of Kung Pao chicken. I stumble my words and make bad jokes out of nervousness. Needless to say, there haven’t been a lot of offer letters. Who wants to hire someone who forgets their own name? 

While my job interview experiences leave much to be desired, a thread shared by Twitter user @arb has helped me realize that I’m not the only person with painful tales of cringe and rejection. In a bid for a little moral support (presumably after a demoralizing experience), she asked people to share their stories of their worst-ever job interviews. And oh, boy, did they deliver.


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