Savage Comebacks & Brutal Burns From the Insult Laureates of the Internet

If it’s wrong to laugh at someone getting completely owned on the internet, then I don’t want to be right. Sure, there’s always a line, and I would never condone cyberbullying, punching down, or threats of any kind—that crap is never funny. A beautifully crafted burn, roast, or witty comeback, however? Those should be cherished and protected at all costs. If we can’t laugh at each other, and thus, at ourselves, then are we even human? There’s a difference between being offended and being embarrassed, and I think embracing humiliation can be good for the soul. It’s just humbling. So the next time someone roasts you for wearing an inarguably stupid outfit, take that roast and keep it close to your heart until you can pay it forward the next time you come across some schmo just asking to be burned. 

Keep scrolling for some entertaining examples of times people dropped witty comebacks and spicy burns in the wild.

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