Someone Claimed It’s ‘Tacky’ to Eat Free Restaurant Bread and the Internet Is Not on Her Side

You’re at a diner with a group of pals and you’re so hungry you can barely make sentences. Then the server comes with a beautiful cornucopia of rye rolls, sourdough slices and buttery brioche. What do you do? Your basic human instinct tells you to stuff your face, but apparently there are rules. What rules, you ask? The arbitrary social rules of Twitter, of course. Tweeter @slicksista claims to have argued in a private group chat that it’s not a good look to go grabbing for the bread basket as soon as it hits the table. Her GC disagreed and so she decided to take the matter public. Bad idea. The results are in: of the 368,744 who participated in @slicksista’s poll, 97% say that it is not ‘tacky’ to eat restaurant bread as soon as it arrives.  

The initial replies were pretty spicy, but @slicksista didn’t give in right away. She argued that when it comes to restaurant bread, the proper dining etiquette is to wait a full five minutes before reaching for those delicious, warm carbs. And if you’re hangry? @slicksista persisted that ‘if you that hungry you should’ve had a pregame meal.’ The pro-bread camp came for @slicksista for days, culminating in a staggering 17.5k quote tweets. Overwhelmed by the indignation, @slicksista made a tongue-in-cheek statement addressing the matter. Once again, Twitter proves that people will passionately argue over anything and everything. Keep scrolling for some of the best reactions to the bread etiquette debate. 

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