Standup Comedian Accidentally Falls Off The Stage, Fall is Way Funnier Than Any of His Jokes

People who don’t go to standup shows think that standup comedy is an incredibly cool art form. These fools believe that only the most hilarious and intelligent people can do standup, and anybody who does it must be a comedic genius. Luckily for them, they are 100% incorrect! Standup comedy shows are breeding grounds for humiliation and failure. Most of the people who do standup are not very good at it. If you ever want a surefire way to feel good about yourself, go to an open mic in a midsized Midwestern city. You’ll thank me later. 

Sometimes, a comedian will be performing a bad set, and they will be sent a lifeline. This might come in the form of a heckling audience member they can cleverly sass back. Or, a minute into their set, a large crowd of new audience members comes in, ready to laugh. Once in a blue moon, a comedian will find the most laughs after their greatest falls, which is precisely what happened to Chicago comedian Austin Black.

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