Swiftie Gets Wisdom Teeth Out, Demands Dentist Become A Fan Too

There are few states of being that inspire stronger feelings than that of fandom. It’s amazing how people can experience the giddiest highs and most crushing lows all through the power of caring about their favorite celebrity. 

For the most dedicated fans, nothing is going to get in the way of this adoration. This is especially true when it comes to admirers of Taylor Swift, as proved by a video posted by Paloma @2co0l2juul


@taylorswift love and supporting u always❤️ ##taylorswift ##wisdomteeth

♬ original sound – paloma😋

The TikTok shows her recovering from the aftermath of her wisdom teeth surgery, asking her dentist whether he likes Taylor Swift. After he suggests he doesn’t, she undergoes an amusing quest to change his mind — including singing along to «All Too Well» and checking his attitude to Jake Gyllenhaal. All in all, it shows some next-level dedication to the cause.


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