The Best Tweets About The 74th Emmy Awards

The Emmy Awards always seem to come out of the blue. They aren’t situated during the tried and true Awards SeasonTM, making them way less of a hassle to watch. It’s also a lot more likely that you’ve seen one of the Emmy nominated shows versus the prestige Oscar-Bait dramas that get spit out for us to chew up every December. 

This years Emmy Awards had some really nice moments. Sheryl Lee Ralph gave an incredibly moving speech after winning Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy. Goodburger stars Kenan and Kel reunited once again. And possibly most memorably, Jimmy Kimmel laid on the floor for a confusing bit during Quinta Brunson’s speech. Overall, it was a fun night without much drama, but with enough memorable moments to keep you watching. A solid award show if you ask me. 

If you missed the Emmy awards, or want to get a taste of what your fellow viewers thought, you’re in luck. The following tweets highlight some of the best moments and the funniest comments about last night’s festivities. 

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