The Inner World of an Introvert in the Form of Funny Memes

Contrary to popular belief that an introvert must be shy, many introverts are not that socially awkward — but a lot of them won’t engage in conversation that simply doesn’t interest them. They may be polite but barely partake in the conversation. Which is fair — why put effort into getting to know somebody you don’t actually care about? Introverts may be quiet, but their inner world is far from soundless… it is simply put on ‘mute’ for most of the world.


An introvert’s life is full of imagination, and binge-watching movies can be a great way to live out diverse scenarios from the comfort of one’s home. Somehow, every introvert seems to attract a whole bunch of energetic extrovert friends — because as the old saying goes, opposites do indeed attract. Although introverts love their good friends just as much as the next person, they may not have as much energy to extend and prefer to meet up less than the average extrovert. Okay, we feel like we just fed you an entire description of the word ‘Introvert’ and the purpose of this post is actually to get into relatable introvert memes, so without further ado, let’s have at ‘em. Continue scrolling to check them out.

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