TikTok Goes Viral After Sharing Amazing Photo of Their 85-Year-Old Grandma

The TikTok creator @peterdevito has already gotten 1.1 million likes for his stylish grandma and still growing. The 85-year-old is featured wearing several party hats and lighting a birthday candle like a cigarette. Though the TikTok creator only shared one photo so far from the shoot it went viral insanely fast. People are going wild for this cool AF grandma—commenting things like they wish she were their grandma or they wish to grow old and be like this grandma. The TikTok creator is a professional photographer in NYC and loves to include his grandmother in his art. 


The TikToker is blowing up, writing on his Instagram. «Ultimately you decide to keep following me, but not because you like my work. You made your decision solely because you like wholesome grandma content and want more.» The Internet is breaking with anticipation for more photos from this grandma birthday photoshoot. @peterdevito says he has more photos to share and has even got permission from the cool granny herself to sell prints of them. 

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