Top Therapy Memes to Inspire Red Flags to DM a Therapist (April 5, 2023)

While we’re on the topic of red flags, we might as well admit that we ourselves are guilty of being every shade of red in the book. This past decade has marked a milestone in therapy history, as people are more inclined to try it out than ever. Long gone is the stigma that going to therapy was a shameful thing to do, and Millennials/Gen Z have had quite a hand in that.

In fact, it’s so mainstream that the internet can rage about nothing else. We all know that there is no correct definition of ‘normal’ nowadays, so it’s no wonder people are jumping on the therapy train. Besides therapy, the next best thing we have to boost our serotonin is memes. So, without further, boring ado, feel free to scroll down and check out some of the best ones we’ve scavenged for you this week.

For more hilarity, here are some classical art memes.

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