Twitch Streamer Gets Ridiculed For Setting Kitchen On Fire While Cooking

No matter how much of a maestro we are in the kitchen, all of us have fallen foul to a cooking mishap at some point or another. Between the knives, the heat, and the hygiene hazards, it is the room in our homes where we’re most likely to have an accident. However, the likelihood that one of these mishaps gets captured live on camera is pretty low for most of us; so long as we get out of the situation with minimal harm done, the only people who know our dignity was harmed is ourselves.

This wasn’t the case for Twitch partner kjanecaron, who found herself in a headline-worthy predicament recently after a stream of her cooking a meal went catastrophically wrong. After she nearly set her kitchen on fire but came out of the incident unscathed, the people of Twitter were quick to react to the situation with advice. The whole thing serves a valuable lesson: never forget about a hot pan for the sake of the views.



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