Twitter User Prompts Backlash for Claiming We Shouldn’t Get to Know Our Neighbors

I’ll admit it: having to live at close quarters with a random assortment of people is not always an easy ride, especially if you’re the shy and retiring type. If you get unlucky, your neighbors can become one of the most annoying parts of your life. 

However, it’s not fair to completely write off those who live near us. Neighborly kindness has helped many of us in a pinch and if we make the effort, those relationships can be very rewarding. It makes it all the more bizarre to see somebody on Twitter claiming that we shouldn’t be getting to know our neighbors. 

When @Rory_Breaker_ claimed to be a «firm believer» in staying a stranger to all and ant neighbors, many were baffled by the strong opinion. Granted, it isn’t always the easiest relationship, but the benefits usually outweigh the downsides when you make an effort to get it right. Have we learned nothing from the woman who made chili

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