Twitter Users Give Respect to ‘Airport Dad’ in Viral Friend Group

Going through an airport is rarely a fun experience. It seems almost paradoxical that so many of us start off our relaxing vacations by putting ourselves through a travel experience with a stress level that rivals our day jobs, but we do. Traveling with company doesn’t necessarily make it any better; many a friend holiday has been brought to the brink of ruin thanks to the logistical nightmare of so many (often disorganized) people doing it together. 

The parent friend might be annoying at times, but they are an essential part to these operations running smoothly. This has recently been demonstrated in a recent video that shared the joys of having a go-to ‘airport dad’, who managed to impress the notoriously fickle people of Twitter. Doing things like taking everyone’s passports and taking charge of the carry on luggage situation, we could all do with somebody like this in our life at times. It’s nice to hand the chaos over to someone else every so often.

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