Twitter Users Share the Funniest Red Carpet Moments Over the Years

For reasons unbeknownst to me, awards ceremonies seem to get people really worked up. Sure, there are the occasional Kanye West/Taylor Swift situations  – or possibly worse, the Will Smith/Chris Rock situation – but mostly awards ceremonies, to me, seem very boring. Aren’t they rigged? Anyway, a lot of the purported action appears to happen hours before the actual ceremony, when the honorees and their celebrity peers get together to answer banal PR questions and show off their (mostly) exorbitantly priced outfits. 

The red carpet is also where celebs are most likely to get a little silly with it. Sometimes their interviews get goofy, other times it’s the people interviewing who inspire the laughs. Sometimes the hilarity is unintentional, as is the case with a clip of Oprah looking like she’s fleeing the path of Lady Gaga. There’s a lot to laugh at where the red carpet antics are concerned, and thanks to Twitter user @KingVirgoB, there’s now an entire thread of these entertaining moments for us to peruse. We’ve put together our favorites, but as usual, there are tons more where they came from. Wonder if any moments from this year’s Grammys will make it – there’s definitely still time! 

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