U.S. Citizens Fascinated By American Section At Irish Grocery Store

One of the marks of a fine grocery store is that it stocks many cuisines from around the world. The opportunity to broaden the palate is a privilege everyone should be able to experience, but sometimes it comes around in ways that you don’t expect.

For @kennedytcooper, this came in the shape of one Irish supermarket’s take on quintessentially U.S. food. Sharing a picture of some fully stocked shelves that were described as the «American Selection», the range of products were a masterclass in the many ways food manufacturers can use corn syrup (plus boxes of baking soda, for some reason). 

While Twitter users of all nationalities were fascinated by the products on sale, it also seemed to provide more questions than answers. The selection reveals a lot about how Europe perceives the States; mostly, that it’s kind of confused.


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