Unhinged QAnon Karen Trashes Target & Harasses Shoppers

Social media has a lot of drawbacks, but the fact that we are able to witness insane public freakouts in real time is an absolute win. And with this absurd video, this QAnon-believing Karen has outdone most of her peers. She begins her aggressive attack against masks in Target, destroying a display and screaming «This shit is f*cking over.» When the employees ask her to leave, she thinks she’s being discriminated against because she’s blonde and wears a Rolex. 

The insanity doesn’t stop there. Once she’s outside the store she starts «baa»-ing at shoppers wearing masks, calling them sheep. Things go even further when she starts ranting to police about how she is a QAnon spokesperson and has a personal relationship with Donald Trump. She also says she has millions of viewers – but on the live feed it’s very clear that she’s broadcasting to just 83 people. We hope she gets the help she sorely needs.

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