Victims of the Fashion Police Share Tales of Being Roasted

Fashion is funny. The other night at karaoke I saw two women dressed like a post-9/11 nightmare. Those child-proof bandanas you can tie. Their G-string thongs peeking from their heinously low-rise jeans. Baby-sized baby pink tees with Abercrombie logos. As a millennial who was denied all of these things by a strict mother, it brought back some serious feelings. Fashion choices, such as these, can inspire a lot of emotions and reactions. Anger. Sadness. And most hilariously, disgust and mockery.

Twitter user @janky_jane found out that she was the victim of such fashion-related mockery in Ireland. She shared her humbling yet hhilarious experience (being called Super Mario for wearing a red beret) on Twitter, and the tweet very quickly went viral – with users sharing their own instances of victimhood in Ireland and beyond. While the Super Mario jab is funny, the stories in the replies are much, much funnier. They make us glad that athleisure and loungewear are in fashion. Can’t get ridiculed if the whole damn world is wearing what they would while binge watching television to avoid reality. 

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