Video of Baby Monkey and Tiny Goat Just Vibing Together Charms the Internet

A viral video of a baby monkey riding a baby goat through the woods has warmed the internet’s cold, dead heart. The video begins with someone partially off-camera holding out a handful of berries to an empty forest. Soon enough, a tiny little goat comes bouncing through the brush to munch on the human’s tasty offering. The goat seems to be on its own until an adorable baby monkey reveals itself and joins in on the snack. The scene is truly something out of a wholesome fairytale. 

Since @wapplehouse shared the impossibly cute moment on Twitter, the video has gotten over 600k views and thousands of comments. Whether the video was staged is not much of a concern for most, which is evident in the thread. Most people simply want to see the tiny animals vibing together. Keep scrolling to see how Twitter reacted to the video.

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