Weird and Wacky Headlines From Newspapers of Yesteryear

«No news is good news» has quickly become a sentence that really resonates with us. Every day we are faced with grim headlines and even grimmer articles about the many woes of our modern world. Here on the internet, avoiding the painful reality of current events is a lot harder than it would be if we relied on print media to get our updates on our «civilized» world. It’s incredibly easy to envy the people of the past, and to idealize their newspapers. And while it’s true that the citizens of yore had their own unique problems (polio, world wars, Spanish flu), thanks to the @yesterdaysprint Twitter account, we can now confirm that journalism was a lot more fun – or at least a lot wackier – back in the day. Judging by these headlines and excerpts from ancient print articles, people were just as into animals as we are, and also had the same hatred for the month of February. We’ve plucked some of the latest and greatest tidbits from the account, but if you have a lot of time on your hands and would like to read about something other than the current hellscape, there’s a lot more where these came from. 

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