Wellness Influencer Shares Wedding Themed ‘What I Eat in a Day’ Video, Sparks Debate About Her Diet

For many couples that get married, the appeal of a wedding isn’t just the celebration of their relationship. It’s also the fact that they get a whole day where everything is about them and their preferences. The fairytale of the perfect wedding has launched countless bride and groomzillas in its time, but the problems don’t stop there. Even the most reasonable of newlyweds get judged by friends, family, and sometimes the general public for the choices they make during their big day. 

Many brides see their wedding as an opportunity to let loose and not stress over the calories, especially if they’ve been dieting for the occasion. However, a viral video seems to have proved that this is not the case for all. One TikToker has provoked a ferocious debate after sharing the unorthodox food and drink choices she made at her own wedding.

In a ‘What I Eat in a Day’ video that focused on her nuptials, the bride showed off things such as vegetable snack platters, anti-bloating pill digestifs and a gluten and sugar free wedding cake. Many people were quick to brand this behavior as disordered eating, but others argued that choosing to be ‘healthy’ on this special occasion wasn’t so terrible. While the food you celebrate your marriage with may be a personal choice, it certainly doesn’t look like she had a lot of fun.

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