Wholesome Instances of Dudes Rocking

The world is a vampire. And with all the incels and Jordan Petersons out there, it’s easy to worry about future generations. Many parents worry about bullying, bigotry, addiction, and even violent acts such as school shootings. The internet has made many of these ills a lot more real – and a lot more scary. 

Beside celebrities doing charity and making Instagram or Twitter posts about the latest hot button social issue, it doesn’t feel like there are many role models young men (and women) can look up to. But it’s important to seek out these people that instill us with hope with their big hearts and admirable values. The Facebook group Wholesome Masculinity Spotting helps to put the spotlight on men who do just that. The group features great fathers, open-minded men in closed-minded places, and dudes who are unafraid to be goofy or emotional. These are people we can all look up to. Just try not to tear up too much while you scroll. It’s a little late in the season to blame the waterworks on allergies. 

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