Woman Deep-Fries Husband’s Pet Arowana After He Fails to Clean Its Tank

Some people go to marriage counseling if there’s a conflict in the relationship. Others deep-fry their spouse’s endangered pet fish to teach them a lesson. That’s exactly what TikToker @miakurniawan01 did after her husband failed to clean his expensive pet arowana’s tank. According to @miakurniawan01, the fish was going to die anyway due to the condition of its tank, so she decided to get back at her husband and tell TikTok about it. The Asian arowana is an endangered species, banned from buying and selling in the United States. But in Indonesia, the rare fish can sell for up to $300,000. The Asian arowana is supposed to bring good luck and prosperity. I can imagine deep-frying one might have the opposite effect. After @miakurniawan01 scaled and cooked the poor fish, she posted a follow up video of her husband on the phone apparently talking about buying a new one. Keep scrolling to see the unfortunate video and how people reacted to it.

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