Woman Puts Out Christmas Wreath, Neighbor Copies Her Literally

For many of those who celebrate Christmas, one of the key parts of getting in the festive spirit is putting up the decorations. There’s nothing like cheering up your street with a creative light display — or pissing everyone off with a giant, light up inflatable Santa. 

While most of us don’t go too OTT with the yuletide adornments, it’s always nice to make a gesture like @hannahgteague did when she put up her wreath recently. What she didn’t bargain for is that her next door neighbor was going to take a liking to it, as the day after putting it up she discovered that he had mounted a paper copy of it on his own door.


I put the wreath out last night and he already had this up this morning 😂

♬ original sound – Hannah

Posting the evidence of the prank to TikTok, many viewers were amused by the strange, but clever gesture. We often like to think that a key part of Christmas is sharing a sense of community, and you’ve got to admit this is one way of doing it.


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