15+ Crazy Server Nightmares Both Real & Sleep-Induced

Working in the food service industry can often feel like fighting a war. The exhaustion. The sacrifices. And, of course, there’s the masking of emotions. Servers are expected to put on a happy face even in the most harrowing situations. That means smiling as a self-important Karen sends back her food 3 times, or herding misbehaving children who are for some reason allowed to run around the restaurant like its their living room. Entitled parents are the worst. 

The agony of this thankless work can be too much to handle. That’s where forums and memes come in. There are plenty of Instagram accounts dedicated to server life, and then there are the Facebook groups. These groups, like Confessions of a Server, give waiters, waitresses, and bartenders an outlet for their frustration. They’re places to vent and support one another at their best. But at their funniest? These Facebook pages encourage their hardworking members to share the most ridiculous, gear-grinding horror stories. This particular prompt, to share the craziest nightmares they have experienced on the job and while fast asleep. From terrible customers to a black hole of bottomless coffee, here are some anecdotes that would strike fear in the heart of anyone who’s worked a service gig. 

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