15 of the Funniest Viral Sketch Comedy Videos on the Clock App Right Now

How do people start scrolling on TikTok and then BAM it’s been like five hours? Sketch comedy, baby. Mostly sketch comedy skits that are like 10 seconds too. So, you can really just keep going and going watching these flash floods of comedy and dying of quick laughter. There are thousands of hilarious comedians, professional and undiscovered, on TikTok. They’re trying out new material and putting up the classic comical skits. There are comedy groups and solo artists going viral every day with the most hilarious content.


You really shouldn’t sleep on the huge world of comedy on TikTok. If you like a good laugh; heck, even stand up comedians are on here giving it there best. You can complain all you want about this dumb Gen Z app, but it really is giving comedians and other artists a great platform to spread their art for everyone to see and enjoy. 

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