15+ Sassy Times Owners Responded to Restaurant Reviews

While Covid-19 is certainly not over, we are seeing some major changes where restaurants are concerned. Many review sites have abandoned grading systems for restaurants. Instead, they focus on the food, writing thoughtfully about the businesses that are not struggling. It’s clear that food establishments are at the mercy of customers and gastronomic publications. Unfortunately, it seems that customers are not quite as empathetic in their treatment of eateries and their owners. Yelp, TripAdvisor and Google reviews are still very much alive, giving disgruntled Karens and entitled snobs an outlet for their irrational feels. 

These reviews do not go unnoticed. As alarming as a one-star review is for a diner searching for a place to eat, it’s a whole lot worse for the owner (or owners) of the restaurant. And some owners are not afraid to let loose on obnoxious customers who sometimes go as far as to lie about bad service or food to make a point, or exact some kind of petty revenge. Hell hath no fury like a restaurateur scorned.

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