20+ Dank Memes For Internet Cowboys

Howdy, meme wranglers. We’re getting closer to the summermonths, and here in the United States, the weather is starting to make us feel a bit…different. Pretty soon the pavement will be looking wavy from the heat, and commuting to the office will feel more like an energy-depleting slow roast than an invigorating, blood-pumping journey. These vibes always make us feel a little like a lone cowboy swinging open the doors of a dusty saloon as tumbleweeds bounce behind him. 

Though our realities (office drones safe in air-conditioned spaces) really don’t align with that of Wild West cowhands, we can get into the vibe with the wealth of dank memes made in their honor. We’ve put together this gallery made up mostly of weirder ones, but you can scroll through a whole lot more over at Know Your Meme.

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