20+ Spooky Memes for Halloween-Enjoyers

As soon as October 1st hits, some of us are instantly celebrating. Out come the fake cobwebs – or the animatronics if you’re wealthy enough. Costumes have probably been planned, but there may be many late nights of careful tailoring and makeup tutorials. We start coordinating pumpkin carving parties to create creepy (or funny) jack-o-lanterns, roasting the pumpkin seeds and then eating them as we watch yet another horror movie. As the sun sets earlier and Halloween gets closer, it’s difficult to contain our excitement. While some people scoff at the notion of «Spooktober,» there are plenty of people who see it as a chance to connect with the unbelievable, an opportunity to play pretend even as an adult with a 9-5 job. Some of these folks are so devoted to the festivities that they make memes about this month-long celebration. And we’ve got a whole lot of them right here for any aspiring ghoul or witch who wants them. 

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