25 Memes for Lone Rangers Walking the Road Less Traveled

Lone rangers are resilient individuals who embody the spirit of a home adventure, preferably sitting on a comfortable couch with some pizza at hand. Unafraid to defy societal norms, they just don’t really care what other people think of the fact they dislike parties, large social gatherings, and answering the phone. Who wants to be a part of a crowd when you can stare at them safely from afar, from a rooftop, with a comfortable couch and pizza?

Thankfully in today’s era, we are able to decide just how involved we are with the rest of humanity. Remote jobs, Zoom calls (instead of meetings), and the new ban on knocking on other people’s doors have done introverts wonders. Even if you’re an ambivert or a tired extrovert, these things can be very helpful. Below you’ll find memes that embody that same quiet (but strong) spirit. The spirit of not giving a hoot, and being happy about it.

Scroll down to check them out for yourself. For more memes, you can check out this last listicle that has similar memes that speak to the soul.

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