28 Friends Memes For The Central Perk Squad Stuck in Second Gear

This iconic sitcom is long over, but has left a hilarious, relatable legacy for generations to come… and what better way to celebrate this legacy than by giving it new life through memes? From Ross and Rachel’s dating saga (were they on a break?), to Ross’s iconic ‘pivot’ moment, to Joey’s special love for pizza, this show has offered us endless laughs. Maybe you flirt like Monica, or attempt to wear leather jeans like Ross… perhaps you have a crush on your roommate’s girlfriend, like Chandler, or believe you’ll be the next star of ‘The Voice’ (ahem, Phoebe). Friends really captured ‘real life’ for a lot of us out here, so it’s no wonder it has such a huge following.

As previously stated, the eccentric quirks of our favorite Friends characters haven’t gone unnoticed in the meme realm. So scroll down and check out some of the best Friends memes we’ve got for ya. For more like this, here are some hilarious therapy memes for walking red flags, such as yourself (wink, wink).

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