28 Memes That Are Mostly Tweets

It is currently January of 2023, and Twitter is still here! The past few months have been a little rough for Twitter, with Elon Musk taking over the website as CEO. Everybody thought that Twitter was as good as dead, but things have been looking up on the bird app! Well, not necessarily «looking up,» but they’re looking neutral! The latest crazy new feature that Twitter implemented is a TikTok-esque feature, because every single app wants to copy TikTok’s success as much as possible. You can now scroll through two different Twitter feeds: the Twitter feed we’re all used to and a Twitter feed that only shows you tweets from the people you follow. Personally, I like when Twitter shows me tweets that my mutuals liked, but I actually don’t mind this feature. Some people only want the tweets they specifically asked for, so this is one positive step in Elon Musk’s CEO journey. 

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