30+ Sesame Street Memes Putting A New Spin On Childhood Nostalgia

When it comes to kid’s television, there are few shows more iconic than Sesame Street. Ever since it first visited our screens over fifty years ago, children and adults alike have been enamoured with its ability to teach, entertain and invest us in the lives of weird-looking puppets.

Naturally, with great cultural impact comes a lot of (mostly) great memes. No TV show that survives today has gone without the image macro treatment, and the series has been subject to a hefty dose of it for just about as long as the internet has been hosting them.

With its instantly recognizable, colorful cast of characters and fifty two seasons under its belt, there’s more than enough material here to keep the content flowing for quite some time. These memes are only a small sampling of what’s out there, spanning from kinda wholesome to definitely not. There’s not many family favorites out there that would have this kind of range.


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