A Collection of Cringey Dating App Encounters This Week (June 7, 2023)

The dating pool has many problems, filled with pee as it is. However, perhaps one of its most obvious ones is that everybody is so damn insecure. It’s a lot harder to love other people when we don’t even love ourselves, yet there are plenty of people out there that are trying to do exactly that. 

Well, that’s the charitable way of looking at it. If we wanted to be a little more harsh, we could say that many of the world’s wannabe lovers are severely deluded in the ways that they approach looking for somebody to keep their bed warm at night. It seems impossible that we are all so socially maladjusted that we’re incapable of even having a normal conversation on a dating app, but that feels like the case when we look at examples like the ones below. ‘How was your day?’ might be a boring opener, but it’s preferable to this garbage. 

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