A Fish Heavy Dump of Animal Memes

The first movie I ever saw in theaters was none other than Finding Nemo. There is so much to love about that flick, and it’s not just because I watched it over and over again on DVD throughout my entire childhood. Finding Nemo is a perfect example of Pixar doing what Pixar does best; telling a beautiful and emotional story starring anthropomorphic talking beings. It’s more funny than it is sad, but when it’s sad, it’s really sad. We get a mom death 3 minutes in, and the emotional rollercoaster doesn’t stop until the end. It is far superior to its obvious knock-off, Shark Tale. For better or for worse, it revived Ellen DeGeneres’s career. Most importantly, it touched the hearts of children and will do so for years to come, and made a lot of kids want to become marine biologists. If you were one of those Gen Zers or Millennials who wanted to and did not become marine biologists when they grew up, these animal memes will fill that void. 

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