A Platter Of Memes To Casually Pick At

Getting to the day when the bank holiday ends is even worse than the Sunday scaries. If we’re lucky enough not to have to work it, we got a brief glimpse of what life might be like if we got to have a three day weekend, every weekend. On top of that, a fair proportion of the U.S. population are dealing with a hangover, heatstroke, or a combination of the two. Days like these are the exact reason we need stupid distractions on the internet to take our minds off of things, because what else is there to do? These memes are the online embodiment of BBQ leftovers, ready to be grazed in a semi-interested manner where we consume the best bits and leave all the gristle. They pass the time well enough, and while they may occasionally be deep-fried, they never have any burnt bits (although they can be overdone). 

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