A Shot of Memes to Dull the Pain

It’s well-documented that alcohol is not exactly good for you. Sure, there have been numerous studies that red wine is good for the heart, or that it’s good for the brain, or «keeps you young.» But I don’t take those studies seriously. As an enjoyer of alcohol, and a temporary abstainer, I know the damage that booze can have on one’s mental health, physical health, and relationships. In my case, it’s been difficult to go without a stiff reward for a long day, or a couple glasses of wine while shooting the sh*t with some close friends. Sometimes I wish there was some sort of nonalcoholic alternative that would make me laugh, starts with an m, and is not something people smoke. Oh, wait. That exists. In the form of… memes. 

That’s right. Memes are a solid, reasonably healthy reward at the end of a long day, or something to share with friends while giggling. Best of all? Memes won’t lead to you blacking out, making a fool of yourself, or texting your ex. Not that I’ve done any of those things. Anyway. In the spirit of celebrating without booze, here are some memes. May they help you take the edge off, at least for a little while. 

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