A Sizzling Stir-Fry of Silly Memes

Curating a group of memes is similar to making a big meal: they’re hard to enjoy if there’s only one thing. Imagine flying out to your grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. You walk into her home, greet your extended family, sit down for a gorgeous holiday meal, and discover that the only thing on the table is cornbread casserole. That’s it. Everyone has to eat a whole dinner plate full of nothing but cornbread casserole and pretend they enjoy it. The first 10 bites are good, but once you have to finish it off, that’s when people get antsy. Babies start crying; kids start asking questions. Nobody wants that. Similarly, memes work best when paired with other complimentary yet different memes. The days when leisurely scrolling through meme websites with 100 variations on the same Bad Luck Brian picture have long passed. Now, it’s best to consume your memes as you’d consume a delicious stir-fry dish. 

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