A Spiffing Arrangement of Different Memes

Mindset is important when it comes to a lot of things. I’m not going to act like toxic positive thinking is going to dig anybody out of a terrible situation, but a certain level of determinedness and pragmatism will take us further than just being down on everything all the time. Believing in ourselves can make a difference, and believing in the meme making community to deliver entertaining content can make our procrastination time that much sweeter. 

Sure, nobody is out there making memes with our specific needs and preferences in mind. We don’t have to act like every single one is the most hilarious thing we’ve ever seen, either. However, having confidence that the next chuckle-worthy meme moment is around the corner is a key part of what keeps the whole meme movement going. Have the faith, because it is what encourages people to keep making memes. We can’t let that end. 

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