A Thriving Garden of Plant Memes For Green Thumbs

People. They’re awful. They’re truly awful. But you know what isn’t?   Plants. Plants are known for making your house and garden look nicer. But did you know that plants can actually reduce a human’s stress levels?  And if you want to put a lush bunch of plants all over your office, tell your supervisor that they genuinely increase productivity and enhance one’s attitude in the workplace. Even if many of you are already aware of the many scientific advantages of keeping plants, we could go on and on about their benefits. Rest assured,  we are not attempting to convert anyone who is uninterested in the art of caring for house plants or gardening. We are simply here to amuse those who just might have a problem. an obsession with or even an addiction to all things succulent and green. You know, the kind of people who clearly prefer plants to people. 

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