A Treasure Trove of ADHD Memes & Tweets That Hit Close to Home

It feels like more and more people who are well into adulthood are realizing that ADHD might be the real reason they spent years of struggling to focus, maintain hobbies, or even succeed at having relationships. Hell, it took 31 years for me to get diagnosed because I have ADHD and depression. Newsflash: ADHD isn’t just being hyperactive or daydreaming and getting distracted. It’s a bit more complex than that. 

The truth is that everyone gets sidetracked occasionally, especially with how brutally your attention span is being battered by the internet on a daily basis. Imagine how much more crippling that is when you’re already plagued with attention deficit or even that hyperactivity I was thankfully spared. Whether you have ADHD or know someone who does, you’ll probably find these relevant memes and tweets do a painfully accurate job of highlighting the perils of having to live with the disorder. 

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