Absurd Twitter Meme Dunks On Nonsensical Nostalgia Post

Almost everyone starts to feel nostalgia as they get older. It’s only natural to yearn for times when life seemed a little more enjoyable, so long as we’re reminiscing about when the N64 got released and not trying to make a strange, reactionary point about how our national values have gone downhill. 

Unfortunately, @DarnelSugarfoo seemed to be invested in the latter when he posted a picture of a 1970s 7-Eleven and lamented when the USA used to be «a proper country». Understandably, many people were kind of confused as to what he meant. Is it because we use less formica nowadays? Perhaps he’s disappointed that convenience store uniforms have become a lot less jazzy? 

Either way, satirically-minded Twitter users immediately jumped on his statement as an excuse to reminisce about all the bygone fads and tacky aesthetics of eras past. God knows the present isn’t the most enjoyable place to be a lot of the time, but at least it brings us strange gems such as this.


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