Accidental Jokes & Innuendoes That Feel Deviously Intentional

Suggestive words and images are floating around us all the time, usually trying to sell us something or competing to capture our attention for one reason or another. Sometimes the intended message of a sign, advertisement, or slogan is totally eclipsed by an unintentional innuendo, like the time Jersey Mike’s Subs tweeted, «how do you top your sub?» The dirty-minded immediately got the «accidental» subtext. Sometimes it’s so obvious, it’s hard to believe it was a mistake. Like, come on. Are you trying to tell me whoever who wrote «16 Things Deaf People Are Tired Of Hearing» didn’t know what they were doing? They knew.

We’ve collected a bunch of funny examples of times mischievous people seemed to have snuck their dirty and crass jokes into otherwise innocuous messages, like little easter eggs in a video game. Of course, we should give these people the benefit of the doubt. There’s always a chance they really didn’t know.

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